Friday, July 12, 2013

For Those Girls Who Says 'ALL MEN ARE THE SAME'..

Have you met all the guys in this world? No, you haven't. There are guys out there who care about you, are madly in love with you, will treat you right, but you're too pushing them into FRIEND ZONE. And when that one guy screws you over, you either blame love, or either you start believing that all guys are jerks. No they're not. Love doesn't walk away, people do. If one jerk broke your heart, i PROMISE you that not every single guy will.

Open your eyes and realise that there are guys who want you but don't go after you because you're too busy chasing your so called 'Prince Charming'. Or you expect to fall in love that way they do in movies. Where it's love at first sight, or where the guy throws rose petals every where his girlfriend steps. Wake up! That's not reality..

He can't think about you 24/7, he can't open every door for you, hold your bag all the time, meet you everyday, and if you expect him to be perfect, then it's you who is not ready to be in a relationship..

So before you go on and say "ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME", just remember that many people in the future will break your heart too.. But one day you'll find the guy who is worth of all those heartbreaks. The guy who will treat you right, he might not throw rose petals everywhere you step, but he'll hold your hand and be by your side through the hardest times...  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Festival Colours Of The World (FESCO)

Actually i didn't even know what the event was about.. hahahaha it's because i never been to any event at the chancellor hall before this so i've decided to attend to that event.. It's actually like traditional dance thingy and i've to admit it's kinda awesome! Well there were 16 (maybe) participants including from USM, MMU, Sekolah Seni Johor Bahru & etc..

My favourite performance! But unfortunately they didn't win :( They're doing zapin. I forgot which university are they from ~.~ you guys were super awesome dude! i enjoyed your performance!

One of the amazing performance (^_^)

Errr i saw this kind of dance before but i still don't remember the name /(-___-)\ 

3rd place, Sekolah Seni Johor Bahru! Proud to be Johorean! hahahaha 1st and 2nd place i forgot to take their pictures ~.~ haih 

I went there with her, Athifa Affin. But i usually call her AthiFAT :P hahahaha She used to call me ogre and i used to call her witch too! why? Because she looks like an old witch la :P Evil witch that always makes my head turns dizzy.. She's kinda funny at her own way :)   Things that i can't forget is when she played with my camera. hahahahaha she act like pros =,= pui! At first i thought she's coming with her friends but luckily she's coming alone.. Anw thanks Athifa sebab temankan i hari tu (^_^)      

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do i still like her? Or should i just move on..

Once i've been hurt, i'm so scared to get attached again.. i have a fear that every person is going to break my heart.. It's been a long time since i've seen you and no longer since we've talked. And the last thing that i said was i had nothing to say.. i have tried to move on but with every girl i met, i feel more and more like i'll never be able to replace you.. And the sad thing is.. i know i have already been replaced.. i guess that i'm the loser cause you have found someone new.. But i'm still here, waiting for a miracle.. 

I have to move on.. Moving on is not about cut the communication . delete her number.. Ignore each other.. Avoid and forget..It is about accepting the fact that she is not for me.. and i'm also not for her.. I don't deserve her..

You.. i just want you to be happy even if it means you'll go without me.. Even if it means it's going to kill me everyday.. Even if it means we can only be friends because i know you won't love me back..

Wherever you are now,  i hope you still remember about me.. I still want you.. I still need you.. Please.. hmm.. For what is worth, i'm sorry for loving you.. i'm sorry for being there when you need me most.. i'm sorry for being annoying to you.. i'm sorry for everything.. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Universiti Teknologi Petronas~

10 january 2013 was the first day for me as a university student. yup, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) is the place! Hmm actually i didn't even expect that i'll be selected or succeed for the interview session cuz i didn't have a confident during the interview. haih. However, alhamdulillah :')

So basically there are 10 (including me) ASiSians who are also selected. From left: Mun, Daus, Naim, Faris, Amir, Iman, Me, Min, Akif & Aqil :)

Meet Faris, my roommate. Yup, he's an ASiSian too! Know him since form 4. This picture was taken when we lost the kayak competition -_- errr.. kinda embrassing.. hahaha 

During the orientation week. Lots of fun! But actually i didn't attend the night programe with faris =,= Because we had many things to do :P hahaha

Nothing much to share actually.. Lack of idea ~.~ but i hope some of the pictures explain everything :) i'm kinda like this place..

Friday, December 7, 2012

ASiS Annual Dinner 2012~

19th october 2012, form 5 student had organised the ASiS Annual Dinner which also known as 'Makan Malam Nostalgia Abadi'. That event was our last event before sitting for the SPM! i miss that moment damn so much! Eventhough we don't have any girls to celebrate with, we still enjoy that memorable night :) This is what we call 'guys night' (^^,) The dinner was held at The Royale Chulan Hotel, near the Bukit Bintang. Talking about the food, hmmm.. it's kinda disappointing.. But yet, we still enjoy that night!

Me with my classmates, 5 Amanah! ^_^

Me and Haziq. yup, he's damn tall ==,

That's the invitation card. Designed by Ariff Haris.

Seriously gonna miss them all!

With Zuhair and Aiman :)
Head prefect and assistant head prefect. Mustasyar and Zhafan :)
Rena[IX]ance! that's our batch name (n_n)
My form 4 classmates :)
Okay obviously i'm the shortest one =_=

Live every moment, love every day, cause before you know it, precious time slips away.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

SAEYLS 2012 \(^_^)/

What is SAEYLS? SAEYLS actually stands for Sri Aman Environmental Youth Leadership Summit (n_n) Firstly i wanna say thank you to Sri Aman Girls School for inviting my school to join this programme :) The programme held at Sri Aman Girls School and it's kinda great because my school is all boys school and yeahh you know what i mean ^^, hahaha i've met many new friends there (^^,) 

SAEYLS familyyy!!! miss them damn so much! :')

Me and Azfar with SESERI & SSP students :)

Azfar, Ariff, Luqman, Me :)
Proudly represent our school, Alam Shah Science School!

Organizing committee! miss them :'( 

The two girls are from Indonesia and the girl in pink is called Zalikha. She was like our mother in this programme. hahaha but she's still a kind person and sometimes 'garang' :p Thanks Zalikha for guiding us in this programme :) and thanks for the ice-creammmm!!!

Hangout at KLCC (^_^)

Meet this girl :) Her name is Farah Nawal. She looks sweet right? just say yes! haha at first i thought she's 'sombong' but after knowing her, she's okay :) haha i kinda like her ==' but i don't think she likes me. hahahaha stop mumbling la hyrul T~T but it's true right? 

The girl who wear pashmina (which looks like my mum's alas meja :p) is called Liyana and the other one is Hanna :D they're so kind to me even though i didn't talk much to them.. hahaha sorry Liyana. And you know what, they tought me how to smile ==, hahaha thanks Hanna and Liyana ^^,

Me and Azfar with a girl with long hair. She looks creepy when the first time i saw her hahahaha but after knowing her, she's friendly :) oh ya her name is Nazureen. 

Azriana and Elsa! Azriana always busy with her camera and she's like a profesional photographer!  wohooo!! First cameragirl i met :) And Elsa, hmm she always busy with her works. And i heard you admire Azfar? hahahah :p kidding :)

This sweet look girl is called Seri :) Hmm what we call her huh? head of what? nevermind la ==' 
She always 'sindir' me and Azfar & hahahah but she's kinda funny ^^,

Elsa and Azra. i just wanna say thank you to Azraa for being nice with me ^^, Yeahh she's sooooo sporting! Thanks again!

i miss them all :') i think we should make a reunion someday ^_^ 
i wanna say sorry to all for being 'pendiam' and kinda 'sombong'. i'm too shy actually with you all. hahahha. sorryyy? And thank you for being nice with me. i really appreciate that :) May Allah bless you all :) Hope to meet you again! All of you! \(^_^)/